Rpmorphan Frequently-Asked Questions

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1. general

1. general

1.1. is rpmorphan free ?
Yes, it is an open software, delivered under the GPL copyright

1.2. why to use rpmorphan ?
rpmorphan can give informations which allow the root administrator to "clean" the computer : remove unused packages. Rpmorphan works on package dependencies.

1.3. why not an automatic cleaning ?
you can have some scripts, or some install from tar.gz, which need an rpm orphaned package.

1.4. Do you provide a graphical interface ?
2 kind of graphical interface are provides : tk interface (X) and curses interface (Text).

1.5. The graphical interface does not work
the rpmorphan rpm package only requires mandatory dependencies. As Gui is optionnal, gui dependencies are not in rpm package. If you want to use it, you will have to install some other rpm packages : perl-Tk or perl-Curses-UI.

1.6. virtuals package
Virtuals packages are not well (for now) taken in account. For example, exim, postfix, sendmail all provide the virtual "smtpdaemon". You can remove all but one, but rpmorphan will show all.

1.7. suggested/recommanded packages
rpmorphan is designed to work on a "standard" rpm version. It is tested on a fedora distribution. Some distributions provide new rpm feature, such suggest dependencies, but this feature is not "standard", so are not used by rpmorphan.

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